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  2. Can I change my 1504B or 1504P scanner cable to the other interface?  
  3. Does 1861 or 1862 support Window and Android SDK?  
  4. Does 1862 support Android?  
  5. Fail to pair 1560P/1564A with 3656.  
  6. How to add Application ID or Separator when we scanned GS1-Barcode?  
  7. How to avoid the data missing on MAC OS platform?  
  8. How to check if IR calibration on 22xx scanner had been done ?  
  9. How to connect 1664 to devices without using PIN code?  
  10. How to connect 16xx to Android 3.0.x (or above version) via BT HID?  
  11. How to connect 1x66 to MAC via USB HID with 3666 base?  
  12. How to enable Italian Pharmacode on 2D readers?  
  13. How to issue serial commands via USB connection and set power level?  
  14. How to recover the S/N of the 3656 base when the S/N sticker is missing?  
  15. How to remove Enter when we are scanning barcode?  
  16. How to remove first 2 zeros in UPC-A/EAN13 barcode?  
  17. How to set character substitution by using ScanMaster?  
  18. How to set CipherLab Bluetooth Scanner Auto Power Off and Bluetooth Power Saving by using CipherLab ScanMaster?  
  19. How to set multicode configuration for 2D scanners  
  20. How to set up 1862's communication interface through 1800EZConfig?  
  21. How to set up Multi-Barcode editor  
  22. How to solve 3656 Cradle communication LED flash red color issue?  
  23. How to solve missing data or incorrect data problem when scanning barcodes?  
  24. How to trigger the serial command (tethered scanners)  
  25. How to update 22xx scanner firmware?  
  26. How to update Bluetooth Scanner firmware via Bluetooth SPP?  
  27. How to update Bluetooth Scanner firmware via CipherLab Bluetooth Transponder?  
  28. How to update Wired Scanner firmware via USB cable?  
  29. How to upgrade CipherLab Bluetooth Scanner Firmware which comes with CipherLab Bluetooth Transponder?  
  30. How to upgrade CipherLab Bluetooth Transponder Firmware?  
  31. How to upgrade CipherLab Corded Scanner Firmware?  
  32. Instructions for updating CipherLab 3610 dongle  
  33. Is it possible to disable the white illumination during scanning with the 1504P?  
  34. Low light enhancement at presentation mode  
  35. Set to read Chinese QRcode  
  36. Troubleshoot yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.  
  37. Why is it difficult using my 2D scanner to read a barcode on LCD screen?  
  38. Why the Virtual Serial Port (VCOM) on CipherLab 3656 (Bluetooth Transponder) refreshes continuously, and the PC cannot receive the data?  
  39. Why there's no pairing dialog when I am connecting Android device to the 1862 through Bluetooth?  
  40. [1500P/1560P/2500/2560] 1D scanner scan line shift modification.  
  41. [1564/3656] How to check 1564/3656 firmware version – USB VCOM via 3656*  
  42. [156x/1660/1661] How to connect to iPhone/iPad via BT HID?  
  43. [18xx] How to change BT connection mode by using EZsuite and Command line?  
  44. [18xx] How to disable the PIN code setting for 18xx devices?  
  45. [18xx] Why can't I press the the button on EZConfig?  

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