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Android Devices

General CipherLab Android Device FAQ

Further Articles

  1. Does CipherLab Android devices support VoIP?  
  2. FAQ of Android security patch level.  
  3. How to collect the MTK Log of Android Devices  
  4. How to collect the System Log of Android Devices  
  5. How to do APP data clean or cache clean?  
  6. How to do Data Format on CipherLab Android device?  
  7. How to do Factory Reset in CipherLab Android device ?  
  8. How to do reset CipherLab Android Devices to factory default in Android System?  
  9. How to enable / disable 2D reader illumination ?  
  10. How to get logs from Terminal Emulation?  
  11. How to get USB Debugging Mode or Developer Mode enabled?  
  12. How to implement "Data Formatting" of data output editing settings?  
  13. How to manually connect to hidden WiFI (SSID) on Android 8 or later version?  
  14. How to perform battery swapping on CipherLab Terminal devices.  
  15. How to set Intent for Barcode Data Output on CipherLab Android devices?  
  16. How to set roaming trigger in CipherLab Android devices?  
  17. How to show and hide Android virtual keyboard on Cipherlab Android devices?  
  18. How to solve Android cannot reconnect to AP when there is no Internet access?  
  19. How to solve Gboard stops working on Android devices?  
  20. How to solve or bypass when CipherLab Android devices show "To start Android enter your password"?  
  21. How to solve or change application resolution in Microsoft RDC?  
  22. How to solve when WiFi has no Internet service?  
  23. How to turn off doze mode for specific apps in Android?  
  24. How to update the OS image for CipherLab Android Devices via OTA or SD Card  
  25. How to upgrade the RS30/RS31/RS50 image via flash tool  
  26. How to wipe user data / factory reset on CipherLab Android devices by hot key?  
  27. What can I do if Scan Beam didn't come out/ Aiming Pattern disappeared?  
  28. What kind of OCR API CipherLab can provide?  
  29. Why do not RDC or Terminal Emulation receiving or showing scanned data?  
  30. Why my Android Terminal can’t use trigger button in Camera?  
  31. Why the Android device cannot display virtual keyboard on the screen?  
  32. [Android] What to do if my CipherLab Android devices asks Google account password after factory reset?  
  33. [Android] Where to find SDK, JAR or DLL for CipherLab Android Devices?  
  34. [WMDS] Can we see the device like TeamViewer?  
  35. [WMDS] Does WMDS support Android 6? like RS30  

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