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[RS30] How to retrieve RS30 Drop Log?
Last Updated 4 months ago

Please follow the procedures below,
  • Please open ADB interface
  • Use adb shell to connect with RS30 device
  • On the menu, please refer to the user_data/freefallLog for Drop Log
How to identify the drop altitude from the Drop log?
For example, the Drop Log will look like below,
[statistics.freefall.event.1]: [1_record=2017-09-04 14:37:22.496, 220, X:736 Y:368 Z:1701]

Please base on the value 220ms (red color) and substitute the values 220 into the Free Fall formula h=1/2gt2.
The Value 220 indicates 220ms
450(ms) = 100cm
490(ms) = 120cm
550(ms) = 150cm
606(ms) = 180cm.

You may only check if the ms value is greater than 450,490 or 550 or not.

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