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How to upload the *.SHX files from the terminal to PC?
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1. Press [8]+ [power] at the same time to enter
2. Select “3.Upload”.
3. Select “1.One Program
upload all of the programs to PC).
4. Select the program which you want to upload to PC.
5. Select “2.PC” “1.RS232
6. Press any key when the HyperTerminal is ready to receive.

1. Connect the terminal to PC via 308 cable.
2. Open the HyperTerminal and select the corresponding COM port.


3. Click “Properties” -> “Settings” -> “ASCII Setup”
Enable “Echo typed characters locally” and “Append line feeds to incoming
line ends”

4. Click “Transfer” and select “Capture Text…”

5. Enter the file name.

6. Click "Start" to capture the uploading file from the terminal.

7. Press any key on the terminal (refer to【Terminal】step 6).
The terminal will start to upload the program to PC by the HyperTerminal.

8.Click “Stop” when the uploading is done.
Disconnect the HyperTerminal.
You can find the “xxx.txt" file on PC.

9.Please rename the "xxx.txt" as "xxx.shx".

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