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How to update 8 Series Kernel?
Last Updated 5 months ago

  1. Please install SiliconLab VCOM or VCOM Driver if the terminal uses USB interface.
      1. CDC VCOM Driver is for: 82xx, 86xx and 87xx terminals.
      2. SiliconLab VCOM Driver is for: 80xx, 83xx, 84xx and 85xx terminals
  2. Download ProgLoad.exe to PCs.
  3. Please go to Kernel Menu by one of instructions below.
      1. Method A:
        1. Take out the main battery then put it back
        2. Press "7" + "1" keys simultaneously and power on.
      2. Method B:
        1. Press "7" + "9" keys simultaneously and power on go to System menu.
        2. Power off terminal.
        3. Press "7" + "1" keys simultaneously and power on
  4. Please select “Kernel Update”
  5. Select interface as CDC VCOM, VCOM or RS232.
  6. Connect 8xxx terminal with USB Cable, RS232 Cable, or cradle to PC.
    If the interface is USB, once it connects to the PC, PC will generate a
    VCOM. The port number can be found in Device Manager.
  7. Open ProgLoad.exe.
  8. Select COM Port and .SHX file and click OK to load file.

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