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How to draw simple diagrams on 8 series terminals
Last Updated 5 months ago

The software developed by CipherLab called “BmpEdit” is required. This interface resembles the 8 series screen and pixel so you can do simple drawing like point, line, and rectangle etc.

  1. After downloading the BmpEdit, execute the file BmpEdit.exe
  2. A dialogue will jump out asking the width and height. This number represents the pixel; one pixel is represented by one square in the drawing.
    (For 8200, the screen pixel is 160x160, but for the scrollbar, a smaller scale can be used, in this case we use W:24; H:160.)
  3. You will now enter the EmpEdit interface.
    The icons (from left to right):
    (Status bar)

    1. Open new file
    2. Open existing file
    3. Save file
    4. About
    5. Point
    6. Line
    7. Rectangle
    8. Ellipse
    9. Text (font can be changed)
    10. Erase
      (The tool functions are more or less similar to the Paint for Windows.)
  4. You can now draw the diagram or put text needed by the tools provided within the net-like background.
    (Please be advised that the functions under Edit tab are not available.)
  5. When you finish drawing, click Draw
  6. Select Source
  7. You can choose to convert the image to C Format or Basic Format from the drop down menu.
    (Here we use C format)
  8. Click COPY (It will then automatically copy the source code.)
  9. Paste the source code to the image2.c file (see the attached; please delete the existing image source code first)
  10. The key syntax to show the image in the .c file: void show_image (int left, int top, int width, int height, unsigned char *pat);

    1. left: the top left coordinate (x) of the rectangular area, which includes the diagram
    2. top: the top coordinate (y) of the rectangular area, which includes the diagram
    3. width: the width of the drawing area (counted in pixel)
    4. height: the height of the drawing area (counted in pixel)
      (Please refer to the Figure 1 below for clarification.)
Convert and download the .SHX file to the terminal and you should see the scrollbar appears

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