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How can I use C Compiler on Windows Vista & Windows 7?
Last Updated 4 months ago

If you are using CipherLab 8 Series Terminals (8000, 8001, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500
and 8700) and developing your own application by using C language, you will need
to purchase C Compiler from CipherLab.

On Windows Vista & Windows 7, you must follow the 2 notices.

1. Change the content of the Link File
Following is the content of the Link file, you need to remove “-lg” from the first line.

-lm –lg –ll/* For Windows 2000, XP: parameters for TULINK, do not change */
/* For Windows Vista, Windows 7: remove “-lg” */

File1.rel/* your C program name */
File2.rel/* your C program name */

FileN.rel/* your C program name */
..\lib\8xxxlib.lib/* 8xxx function library */
..\lib\c900ml.lib/* C standard library */

/*User could provide suitable values*/
/*to the following variables*/

MainStackSize = 0x001000;
HeapSize= 0x000100;
MaxSysRamSize = 0x020000;

/*Do not modify anything beyond this line */

2. Change the BIN file
From the C Compiler folders, there are some files, such as [BIN]、[Download Utilities]、[ETC]、
[Font]、[INCLUDE]、[Kernel]、[LIB]、[Link file]、[Manual]、[README]、[Sample Program].

If your Operating System is Window Vista or Windows 7, please change the BIN file as [BIN for

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