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How to develop C program for 8 Series Terminal?
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  1. After you finishing writing C program, put the program into the folder which you create for the C program.
  2. Put Y.BAT、Z.BAT and LINK file to the folder
  3. Open [cmd.exe], then enter the path of the C program.
  4. Input “Y FILENAME.C” , the system will release FILENAME.asm and FILENAME.rel in the folder.
5. If your program has any problem, the compiler will not success and it will show error message on the screen.

6. After you modified the issue, you can execute the Y.BAT without any error message.

7. Input “Z” , the system will release FILENAME.abs 、 and FILENAME.SHX in the folder.

**The file extension .SHX is a must for the code downloader.**

8.The target executable file (with SHX extension) will then be generated if no error is found.

9.FILENAME.shx is created successfully, it can be downloaded to the flash memory for testing. Run the ProgLoad.exe utility and configure the following parameters properly.

4File Name:

Specify the absolute object file.


Select the appropriate COM port for transmission.

4Baud Rate:

Supported baud rates are 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, and 9600.



4Data Bits:


4Flow Control:


  • Besides following the above steps, you can also refer to the diagram below:
    • *.REL : used by the linker to create the executable object program.
    • *.ASM : helps in debugging if necessary
    • *.LST : If any error occurs, they will be put into the file for further examination.
    • *.LNK : used to instruct the linker to allocate absolute addresses of code, data, constant, and so on according to the target machine environments.
    • *.ABS : If the linking is successful, it will create the absolute object *.abs.
    • *.SHX : The file extension .SHX is a must for the code downloader.

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