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How to exit the Engineer mode or Factory mode on 9700A?
Last Updated 4 months ago

Once you press side trigger key and power key for powering up, the device will enter specific mode.
Power key + Right Scan key = Engineer mode
Power key + Left Scan key = Factory mode
Please follow the steps below to exit those mode.

1. Engineer mode
Once you enter Engineer mode, please press Right Scan Key to move the cursor, and choose "Normal mode".
When the cursor point to the Normal mode, press Left Scan key for entering.
And the Device will boot up as usual.

2. Factory mode
The Factory mode would look like following photos.
You would need to press Left or Right Scan Key to move cursor to the bottom option.
Please press Power key to turn off the device and exit this mode.

If your device keep entering specific mode, the side trigger key might have some problems.
Please check hardware component or claim a RMA for your unit.

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