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CipherLab ADC utility with corresponding OS image
Last Updated 4 months ago

Since ADCClient has been preloaded in the OS Image, please note CipherLab ADC utility needs to be adopted with corresponding OS image, otherwise the new function may not work on the device although the option shows on the ADC utility (after V1.0.18), or even cannot deploy the setting (before V1.0.18).

The latest ADC utility (after V1.0.18) will be able to notify customer about the suggested version of ADC utility when deploying setting as below:

However, for the old version of ADC Utility, please refer to the below table to check the corresponding OS and update OS to the corresponding version.

1.Check the OS version of your device
2.Find you OS version on the table, for example: RS31 V5035
3.Check the corresponding ADC Version at the right hand (V1.0.21).



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