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ReMoCloud OEMConfig settings not applied
Last Updated 4 months ago

1. RK25 V2120, this was a known behavior that the old version of ADCClient V1.2.67 will only update the OS without updating the settings of OEMConfig at the same time.
2. The OS update and settings must deploy separately for the old OS version to avoid this issue.
3. This behavior in the later new OS version ADCClient V1.2.68 has been changed.
Below are the versions after the V1.2.67 without this issue:

RK25P V5210
ADCClient V1.2.68

RK25 V2350
ADCClient V1.2.68

RS51 V2370
ADCClient V1.2.68

RK95 V2140
ADCClient V1.2.68

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