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How to get Qualcomm log from RK25?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. Open Developer options.
2. After enter Developer options, pull the menu to the bottom, and Select QTI Logkit.
3. Please make sure the Storage location on the upper-left corner is "sdcard0".
4. Press the Circle button on the upper-right corner to record the Log.
5. When you want to stop recording, go to the same route of point 4, and press the Circle button again. There will be a pop-up window, please press Package.
6. Reboot your RK25, and connect it to the PC through USB cable.
7. Log will locate at following link:
v2080 and before: Android > data > com.qualcomm.qti.logkit > files
v2090 and after: Android > qcom
8. Please Copy the whole document to your computer.

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